Wecome to carpet cleaning Kitchener. Carpet has earned the reputation of providing a good insulation in homes and offices. It enhances your property’s appearance. Thanks to its patterns, color, and a pile of heights. Carpet adds style to your indoor designs. It ensures safety and cost savings. Maintenance and sustainability are also easier. But carpet accumulates dirt, dust, pet hair, and stubborn stains over time. Of course, carpet cleaning can be a DIY task. However, imagine the time you will save when hiring a professional. Perhaps, that’s a lot, enabling you to focus on the core of your business. 

Here at  carpet cleaning Kitchener, saving our client’s time and providing them the chance to be productive has been our goals since establishment. 

About Us

Kitchener Carpet Cleaning  is a locally owned company with years of experience in responsive carpet cleaning services. We are professional and personable as we provide top-notch solutions to our valued clients in the city and other surrounding areas. Our main services include wood cleaning, residential carpet cleaning, pet urine treatment, water extraction, and tile cleaning. 

Your home or office should be comfortable. However, it’s hard when your carpets are dusty. Probably, it’s been a while since you hired a professional expert. Whether you rent or own an apartment, we can keep you safe at home. 

Serving our clients for years now, we pride ourselves on efficient and fast carpet cleaning services. Our certified cleaners can leave you with dust-free and fresh carpet. We have an attention to details, and we do not take shortcuts. We take our time and don’t compromise the quality of our options.


There are many carpet cleaning specialists. But only a few provide a complete package for homes and offices. Carpet Cleaning Kitchener is one of the experts that offer full-fledged solutions, and here are some of them:

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Of course, you have a quality and aesthetically pleasing cabinet. But its appeal will start to fade over time. When your existing carpet looks matted, don’t waste your time scrubbing stubborn stains. We are here to help. Over the years, we have developed our system, reaching our client’s requirements. Unlike the competition, we do not use unsafe and chemical-packed solution. We only utilize expert-recommended cleaners for our residential carpet cleaning services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We too provide commercial carpet cleaning to businesses as well. In fact we have a large base of clients that use our services on a regukar basis to keep their establishment clean and tidy for not only their customers but for their staff as well. A clean place is a happy place is our motto for our commercial clients.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Most tile and grout specialists rely on steam or water pressure to get rid of the buildup of dirt. These floor cleaning techniques can be ineffective. In most cases, it can damage your investment.

Carpet Cleaning Kitchener, on the other hand, is different. We use a unique, individualized solution. Whether the grime or grit is in the advanced stage, we make the process easy and simple. Call us now to get a free and reliable estimate!

Upholstery Cleaning

Today, the industry has been bombarded with upholstery cleaning companies. Some perform the procedure right away, while others start from holistic inspection just like us. Before we clean the upholstery, we inspect the furniture, stains, and other damages. Then, we pre-treat them according to the standards. We build a long-term relationship and work with our clients as closely as possible.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs add an unparalleled element of sophistication and class to your room. But a tarnished one can affect your living space. Keep them in good condition with the help of our rug cleaning solution. Foot traffic, pet paws, spilled drinks, and dust can degrade the quality of your rug. This is where our services can help. You can be sure that our team can take care of your job. We have flexible online scheduling, high-impact dusting system, and comprehensive process.

Pet Urine Treatment

Do you have several dogs and cats at home? Then, it’s no surprise why there are urine stains on your carpet. At carpet cleaners Kitchener, we utilize an effective pet urine stain removal procedure. Not only can we get rid of the stain, but we can also remove the odors. 

Older and smaller pet urine stains are difficult to recognize. But they can be a great source of odor in your living space. Our carpet cleaning Kitchener company employs a feature-packed UV light to locate them all. We can restore your clean and fresh flooring investment.

Water Extraction

Leakage can be a headache. Although it is a minor problem at first, it can become disastrous. Excess water from leakage and flooding can pose a risk to your valuable belongings. Before it’s too late, work with a reliable expert like us. We have cutting-edge technology and the best team in the city. More than that, our process can streamline the job and give everyone a fun experience.


Mission / Vision

Since day one, we want to create a healthier, safer, and cleaner household or office environment. We dream of saving our clients’ money by making their upholstery and flooring long-lasting and sturdy. We also strive to provide impressive customer experience. We are also dedicated to offering the highest quality carpet cleaning services and exceeding our market’s expectations. 

Our vision is to position our company as the expert in the field. We want to have positive and consistent growth in the coming years. We also strive to recognize by our clients as the top-notch provider of carpet cleaning solutions and cutting-edge facilities.

Our Team

Carpet Cleaning Kitchener is reputed for individualized carpet cleaning. Thanks to our team of dedicated professionals. They love their job and enjoy making our customers’ goals happen. They are courteous, amicable, and easy to work with. 

More than the unparalleled commitment, our Kitchener carpet cleaners have the right experience and knowledge. We do not only specialize in carpet cleaning, but we also have expertise in other related fields such as water extraction.

That’s not all! Our team has attention to details. We do not take shortcuts. We start from an inspection before the actual cleaning. We are also knowledgeable in using the latest solutions on the market, making the process fast and simple. 

Whether you’re on the lookout for tile or carpet cleaning services, here with us is the right place. From seasoned professionals, innovative equipment to affordable pricing, we have everything for our valued clients.